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I have waited a long time for Christmas Vacation and here it has finally come. I can start my blog back up again. Sadly right when the homework stops coming my uncle Rob says that I should right about weather on my blog. I’m going to try to work it into a baseball Theme.

ok here is my baseball weather FANOMETER

100 degrees – This is a true true Arizona Diamondback fan. It could also be sweaty, loyal Florida Marlin Fan. Any fan who watches a game in 100 degree weather I would call BRAVE. This area also includes all you braves fans who brave the heat every braves game. Ranger/Astro fans I did not forget you. It must be hard having every game that heated.
Dbacks Field.jpg  that does look very hot. Moving on

90 degrees – This is a dedicated Californian who really cares. (Dodgers/Angels/Padres/Giants/A’s) All over you have to care to go to a game that hot.

Dodger Field.jpg

The dirt here looks baked, Next

80 degrees – Royals, Cardinals, Cubs White Sox, Reds fan you now this weather. Almost the perfect temp to watch a game. congrats.

Royals Field.jpg

Thanks for reading this is how far I will go. Tomarrow I will tell you me and my friends daring plan to meet my beloved Yankees. Even though they are a buch of Cardinal, Cub, Astro fans they still want to meet them. Can’t wait to write more thanks and Merry Christmas.