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My Crazy Idea

I was trying to think of ways to meet my New York heros all the way in Nebraska. The only teams close where the KC Royals. Then it popped into my head. We should go to a Royals game when they are playing the yankees. I talked to my high school friend Matt. He went to chicago last year. He told me it was hard to get autographs at the stadium. Darn. Then I thought, they have to have somewhere to stay while in Kansas City. Then my idea popped up. I should stay at the hotel they are at. Now please everyone I am by no means stalking the Yankees. This is just my idea of meeting them. Maybe even some pictures and Autographs. I was thinking even some of my buddies could come. Can’t wait. the only thing stopping this terrific Idea is that I haven’t told Mom about this Idea. I will keep you updated.

Thanks Jonny K
Derek Jeter 3.jpg
Jorge Posada 2.jpg
Everyones Favorite Catcher (mostly everyone) Buddy?
CC 3.jpg
New kid  Buddy?
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