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What a Day

Well I have been having a great day. It’s been sunny in Omaha for 2 days, that real nice. I got some good grades back, had a super bowl party with my friends thing have been looking up. During Social Studies class I began thinking (I know that I probably should have been listening, but when the warm sun is coming in through the window and it’s starts to feel like summer it’s hard)  Who is the best player of all time. This is a very hard question. I get home do my homework and start calling some of my friends, its kinda interesting what they say.

Joey says its Joe DiMaggio
Noah says its Babe Ruth
Matt thinks it TY Cobb
I think it’s Ted Williams, cause he left some of his good years fighting in the war, he could of been as great as all of them. 
Ted Williams.jpg
You could also say the Say Hey Kid Willie Mays, one of my favorite players.
Willie Mays.jpg
Then, maybe even Honus Wagner, a great Pittsburgh shortstop.

Honus Wagner.jpg

Please tell me who you think it should be 
thanks Johnny