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College World Series 2009 (1)

CWS – College World Series, a tournament held in Omaha, Nebraska that determines the college baseball champion. Also cause’s sweating, delusional thinking, yelling at the TV and the time of your life. 

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The college world series comes once a year to Omaha, Nebraska. Along with it comes 8 teams from around the country, some power houses that come every year. Others trying to restore a dynasties place. Yet some are special, these teams are 1st timers here. A special team made with just the right players to bring themselves to Omaha, for a chance of a crown so pure and special. Sure some of the players in the tournament are just using this as a stepping stone. Dustin Ackley was chosen 2nd overall in the MLB draft. Others will sign with a minor league team, but never make it to the big show. For some this is the last games of there baseball careers. All this put together in a town crazy about baseball equals one heck of 13 days.
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For all you Boston Red Sox fans did you know that Jacoby Ellsbury in 2005 played college ball at Oregon State. They made it two Omaha, but Texas took the crown.  After 2005 the Beavers (oregon state) won the championship back to back in 2006 – 2007. 

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 Also Brewers fans Ryan Braun played in the CWS with Miami in 2003, and 04
Lots of MLB players have played in the CWS, To see more go to College world series.com
But most of all the experience of it all was the best. The LSU fans are awesome they make the million mile trip up here to Omaha to see there Tigers play. Along with them comes there food! LSU fans will set up there grills right in front of Rosenblatt Stadium and give out some great food, FOR FREE! They make the best grilled peaches which I had never had before untill that game. And they make hamburgers, sausages, and all kinds of things. i hope LSU makes it every year 
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Then there is Omaha’s love affair with the college world series. So much that we are taking good old Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium down, to build a new 124 Million dollar stadium. Omaha absolutely loves the CWS. We go out and spend all our christmas money on our favorite CWS teams and cheer our hearts out. For 13 days Omaha is the baseball capitol and we love it!
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This year there are a new 8 teams (sort of LSU and North Carolina where here last year)

The 8 teams this year are 
Arizona State 
North Carolina
Southern Mississippi 
Cal State Fullerton 
The baseball played here is awesome 
Todays action is Cal State Fullerton vs Arkansas at 1:00 PM Central Time on ESPN
and  Virginia vs LSU 6:00 CT on ESPN.
I’ll be watching and I hope you do to!
Go ASU!!

Omaha Royals

Having a Hometown AAA Baseball Team is pretty cool. Omaha, Nebraska is home of the OMAHA ROYALS, AAA team for the Kansas City Royals. When I was little I thought that it was the Yankees farm team and that someday they would send down Derek Jeter, or Mike Mussina. Alas, I soon figured out that they where the minor league team of the Kansas City Royals. I still cheered for them and I still do. The Royals are thinking of moving out of Omaha to Canada or Texas. If they leave this means no more baseball in Omaha, unless the Yankees answer my plea and put even a single A or AA team here. Please if you would Like this to happen please write me about it. thanks 

– Jonny
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