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Yankees not so good story

Sorry about the wait, i was really busy with school. Here is one of my essays for our Magazine project 

     Big Budget, Pinstriped, Blue and White, Dynasty, The New York 


*And why they are not at all ready for the next 10+ years

Sure you’ve heard about the Yankees. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Reggie Jackson. Most likely you heard that the Yankees missed the playoffs last year. Heres why they will make them NOW, but maybe not later. 

As the Yankees make another big acquisition you might think they are “overprivileged”, or that it might be “unfair” that they have so much money to spend. You are probably right in fact you might be right unless the simple truth is that they earned that money. They earned it a long time ago maybe, but still more or less earned it. Anyway with the free agent signings of CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, and Mark Texiara it seems that the Yankees are set. They might be for three years, but I will tell you why they are not at all ready for the next eight years. First of all I say the Rays are Genius. They might of stunk for a couple of years, but now they are set for over 10 years. The Yankees did the exact opposite. They let there team slowly age while having 3 prospect actually make it to the show. The Rays players are all prospects that have a lot of years in front. Sure, the Yankees have the players of now but not tomorrow. Jeter, A-Rod, Mastui, Posada, Peddite, and Damon are all in there 30’s. Most are losing there spark already.

So sure the Yankees are Big Budget, Pinstriped, Blue and White, and a Dynasty. Just not for long. 

Hope you like my Ideas