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It’s Friday again. Knights Weekly Baseball Report

Sorry about the wait, But it’s friday again, This means a new KNIGHTS WEKLY BASEBALL REPORT! Bad news no one on the knights baseball team have paid any attention at all.

It’s basketball. I will tell you what we did at tryouts though. I got there a Half an Hour before cause I was so excited!!! Turns out most of the guys trying out where excited too. When we got there we talked baseball. Did our Babe Ruth impressions, and messed around. Does this sound did normal things you do at the tryout. We fielded ground ball. Caught pop ups and threw them to third and batted. When the moment of truth came, Mr.Capoun said we did a great job ( as all future hall of famer coaches do). Then he told us no one got cut. YAAAAAaaaaaaa. We had just the right amount of players. 

Knights Baseball Report

Thanks for You who read my
first Knights Baseball Report. I think I
should Focus more of the team not me. The Knights are usually
very good. Winning the Mount Michael Champion Ship Twice.
This Knights team is different. Most of the best Players are
playing KWAA Baseball or select Baseball. We very
much will likely play them in the
state tournament. Our team might not have the best
talent, But we do have a burning desire to win. This year we
have Two new additions. I will call them 3B#16 and Mr.
Pitcher. Mr. Pitcher has not played baseball since 4th grade,
but practices regularly. I’ve practiced with him and he
can throw a wide verity of pitches. 3B#16 is good also. I
know him well and he will be a good 3B, because he has great
arm strength. And this is the Knights