School, Sports, and Baseball

I’m sorry I have been gone so long. School is just starting and so is my fall baseball team. Feels good to get back to blogging. Here it is

Yes the Yankees have the best record in baseball right now and i couldn’t be more proud of my boys in blue. Cano has been on a hot streak since The streak, Jeter is hitting .330, and Texiera seems to hit a home run every other at bat. Yes things look very good for the Yanks, but I am worried about future problems…. 
The Cardinals – Albert, Matt, Ludwick. If my prediction is right and the Bombers play the Cardinals in the world series. I think it would be a great match up of Power against Power. Pitching against Pitching and so on. I really hope this matchup happens.
and the yankees win it
Thanks for reading


  1. TribeTed

    Johnny have fun in school. Mine doesn’t start till September 2nd. I am thirteen too. 🙂 Except, well I am an Indians fan. Oh and I also play travel baseball! And fall baseball like you haha. 🙂 WE aren’t so different after all?

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