Sorry for how long i have been gone, school is back and with that is homework, which i have had a lot of. Also I’m in the middle of my fall baseball season so i have been really busy, but it feels good to back to writing soooooo……

No, not Megan Fox (I wish) Mr. Jake Fox of the Chicago Cubs who hit the walk off homerun to beat the cardinals in 11 innings. Being in Omaha we get lots of cubs games so jake fox wasn’t to new to me. He has been juggling between AAA and the majors and we see him off and on. With this Jake starting to take form, and the young Sam Fold catching everything. The cubs look like a very good team right now so its hard not to put them in the race NEXT year.
jake fox.jpg
With the postseason looming for my Bronx Bombers, there are a few questions 
1. Burnett – at times he can’t find the strike zone, and he doesn’t get a long with jorge which take a pretty good bat out of the lineup (assuming Molina goes in). 
Pie in the face.jpg
2. Red Sox – Nothin like Sox vs Yankees in October, but lately the Sox have dominated in the postseason. Not that big of a worry though, unless the sox learn to hit  🙂
3. Joba – The inconstant Hot Head/95 Miles per hour/ Hometown Hero has been question mark for a long time 
Joba Nebraska.jpg
Bradley – Is suspended for the rest of the season, don’t really need to tell you why.
(attitude, negativity, .257, temper, its Milton Bradley)
thanks for reading 
Images from ESPN.com


  1. juliasrants

    Umm – the Red Sox have learned to hit Johnny – have you not been checking the scores? And since 8/24 – the Red Sox are 19-6 – a better record then ANYONE in the majors. This weekend could be the battle for first place. The Yankees do not have that locked up yet. The Red Sox are only behind by 4 in the lose column and they have two more games to play then the Yankees.


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