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What Baseball Is about.

TB Rays.jpg
This is what Baseball is about. Baseball is about Carlos Pena’s walk off homerun
Baseball is about Rebuilding. Baseball is about Teammates. Baseball is about having fun. Baseball is the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays. Here is a not so famous Moive Quote.
It is the Journey that gives us Happiness, not the Destination  .
                                                                                 – Peaceful Warrior
Thanks Rays for a Great season

Always next year

Hi every one this is my first entry, and it
happens to be right after the World Series. First of all I
must say I am a little disappointed. Yes,
Philadelphia had not won a major sports title in the
longest time, but there was something about the Rays that
felt magical. Oh well always next year…. The Cubs oh
nelly I thought this was our year. Oh well Always next year.
Yanks that was a……… different year. I know I know we
Yankee fans where probably spoiled like the Braves fans of
old (1991-2005). Always next year. (see the