Bernie Williams Tribute

Bernie Williams.jpg

This is my Tribute to my favorite Modern player ( and yes I know he retired) He is one of the most down right classy players of all time. He never bragged, he stood up for teammates, and I must say the 3rd best yankee center fielder. ( behind Joe D and Mickey Mantle)
I will say, thanks Bernie for many great seasons. I will tribute many more players and I will even make a All Star team.


  1. raysrenegade

    Nice blog entry.

    Bernie Williams is a really special guy. He was a fantastic palyer and can play amean jazz guitar. He is onr of my favorite Yankee players all-time.

    I put him above Joe and Mickey in spirit and determination, but in power and consistancy, he would rank behind those Yankee greats. Was hoping he would play somewhere in 2008, but no Bernie…………….bummer

    Keep up the great writing. You are doing a fantastic job.

    Rays Renegade

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