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Omaha Royals

Having a Hometown AAA Baseball Team is pretty cool. Omaha, Nebraska is home of the OMAHA ROYALS, AAA team for the Kansas City Royals. When I was little I thought that it was the Yankees farm team and that someday they would send down Derek Jeter, or Mike Mussina. Alas, I soon figured out that they where the minor league team of the Kansas City Royals. I still cheered for them and I still do. The Royals are thinking of moving out of Omaha to Canada or Texas. If they leave this means no more baseball in Omaha, unless the Yankees answer my plea and put even a single A or AA team here. Please if you would Like this to happen please write me about it. thanks 

– Jonny
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My team. The 2006 New York Yankees

Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams .jpg

This is my team. In 2005 I started to really pay attention to the Yanks. I’n 2006 I must say was one of the better summers of my life. Baseball Cards. Playing Baseball with my friends. Talking baseball, and just soaking it all in. My team I knew better then ever. Here is my Dream Team. MY TEAM.
C.  Jorge Posada 
1B. Jason Giambi
2B. Robinson Cano
3B. Alex Rodriguez
SS. Derek Jeter
LF. Gary Shefeild  
CF. Johnny Damon
RF. Hedki Matsui
DH. Bernie Williams
Those are the guys I’m memorized. These guys where Superheros. My heros. I knew all of them. These guys I spent all my money I earned and went to target and hoped I got a Yankee. ( I collected them all) Here are the Pitchers.
SP. Randy Johnson
SP. Mike Mussina 
SP. Carl Pavono
SP. Chin-Ming-Wang
SP. Shawn Cacon
These pitchers I watched and Watched. I watched there every move. I saw how they released  their special pitches. 
That was the summer of 2006