Spring Training Is Here

Winter is partially over in nebraska. We can finally walk outside without fear of losing a finger. Course when i step outside on a brisk but not freezing saturday in early march i just have one thing on my mind. Baseball. Thank God for the MLB Network or might of forgotten about baseball completely. No that was a lie, i would never do that but still. I have been dormant from blogging this winter cause i have been really busy with baseball and school, but now that i injured my rotater cuff i can come back to blogging, which i guess is good and bad. Im glad to back, but it sucks to be out of baseball and have an aching arm. As you all probably know i am a huge new york yankee fan. I guess thats why i got bored of blogging cause i knew they were gonna win. So i have decided to right about a new team who is a little less predictable. The Kansas City Royals. Just to make it clear i am still very much a yankee fan and will always be one. Just thought i would mix it up a bit. I can’t wait to be writing again.



Sorry for how long i have been gone, school is back and with that is homework, which i have had a lot of. Also I’m in the middle of my fall baseball season so i have been really busy, but it feels good to back to writing soooooo……

No, not Megan Fox (I wish) Mr. Jake Fox of the Chicago Cubs who hit the walk off homerun to beat the cardinals in 11 innings. Being in Omaha we get lots of cubs games so jake fox wasn’t to new to me. He has been juggling between AAA and the majors and we see him off and on. With this Jake starting to take form, and the young Sam Fold catching everything. The cubs look like a very good team right now so its hard not to put them in the race NEXT year.
jake fox.jpg
With the postseason looming for my Bronx Bombers, there are a few questions 
1. Burnett – at times he can’t find the strike zone, and he doesn’t get a long with jorge which take a pretty good bat out of the lineup (assuming Molina goes in). 
Pie in the face.jpg
2. Red Sox – Nothin like Sox vs Yankees in October, but lately the Sox have dominated in the postseason. Not that big of a worry though, unless the sox learn to hit  🙂
3. Joba – The inconstant Hot Head/95 Miles per hour/ Hometown Hero has been question mark for a long time 
Joba Nebraska.jpg
Bradley – Is suspended for the rest of the season, don’t really need to tell you why.
(attitude, negativity, .257, temper, its Milton Bradley)
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School, Sports, and Baseball

I’m sorry I have been gone so long. School is just starting and so is my fall baseball team. Feels good to get back to blogging. Here it is

Yes the Yankees have the best record in baseball right now and i couldn’t be more proud of my boys in blue. Cano has been on a hot streak since The streak, Jeter is hitting .330, and Texiera seems to hit a home run every other at bat. Yes things look very good for the Yanks, but I am worried about future problems…. 
The Cardinals – Albert, Matt, Ludwick. If my prediction is right and the Bombers play the Cardinals in the world series. I think it would be a great match up of Power against Power. Pitching against Pitching and so on. I really hope this matchup happens.
and the yankees win it
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Sweep 4 the ages

4 games, 4 wins, over the Red Sox? Thats what I call a productive outing. 

Lets Recap
With Joba on the mound and Yankee fans not sure what to expect this was what I think the pivotal game. Joba was real shaky, seven walks! That did not matter though cause our offense POWERED through. Tex, Melkey, Jorge, and Damon all hit round trippers as the Yanks crush the sox 13 – 6!
Thats how you start a series 
Classic Pitchers duel.
Yankees have Burnett, the Sox have Beckett. This game went a LOOOOOONG time, 15 innings, but then Mr. Attention himself came through in the 15 with a 2 run homer. YANKS 2
what do ya know its Robby Cano!! The 24 wearing second baseman went 3 for 4. BUT who really stole the show was non other than the Beast. CC SABATHIA. He went 7 and 2/3 and allowed one hit. He shutout the Sox in a dominating fashion. Mr. Sabathia welcome to New York. We got ourselves an ACE!!!
This reminded me of some sort of boxing match! The Yanks hit first with a A – Rod home run then in the top of the 8 BAM! V – Mart Came in with a 2 run SMACK!. Score 2 – 1. Then came Johnny and Tex! BACK TO BACK Cannon Shots. Yankees 3 – 2. By now I was jumping up and down! YANKEES TAKE THE LEAD. Nick Swisher got the KO with a 2 RBI single.

Mark Texiria 3.jpg
Thats about it. We sweep Boston and its on to Toronto! 
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PS  Joey called me on the phone, right when we got the first 3 comments on the last entry. He was very excited!! Maybe he’ll come back again.

Help from Joey

Ok, I thought I would interview my friend Joey. I am going to ask some questions about last night’s yankee game, and his favorite team the Houston Astros.
Me: Joey, how did you become a fan of the Houston Astros
Joey: My uncle introduced me to the astros while we lived in Houston when I was little.
Me: Does it suck being an astro fan?
Joey: As much as it suck to a Yankee fan.
Alright! Now that we know a little bit about Joey and his self proclaimed hilarious sarcasm. We shall travel into the deep depths of his mind!
Me: So Joey, what did you think about last nights Yankee game?
Joey: I thought it was a good game, I am not normally a fan of the yankees, but I like some of their players.
Me: How do you think Joba did last night?
Joey: He had a shaky game, but this will not phase him, he is going to be one of the dominate starters for the Yankees.
Me: What do you think about John Smoltz performance yesterday?
Joey: Well, I think he is over the hump. They should use him as bull pen help instead. Then talk to him about retiring. If he does better use him as trade bait. If you can get some prospects out of him. John Smoltz is a future Hall of Famer right now so if he starts getting better give one more chance as a reliever. 
Ok now we are going to talk about the sensitive topic of the Houston Astros
Me: I just have one question about the Astros. What Happened, man?
Joey: Roger Clemens happened,he won the Cy Young Award then the next year it sounded like he was going to retire but NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO The Rocket doesn’t quit he plays half of our 2006 season and we paid him more than are most paid player for half of a season. Then the whole thing about steroids got attached to him and of course he was using them when he played for the Astros. I really question ever little thing our management does. that is the reason we suck right now. another thing that helped contribute to the suckiness is when Jeff Baggwell and Craig Biggio retired. It is almost like we can not get over them leaving. Our management is always been terrible almost as much as the broncos right now (Johnny’s fav. NFL team) i have four examples of terrible management by the Houston Astros. 1, they passed up Derek Jeter in the 1992 MLB Draft. 2, They also passed up manny Ramirez in the 1991 MLB Draft, 3,  the yankees selected Reggie Jackson 1 pick ahead of the Astros. I am mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last and final thing that the Astros did that made me even madder than ever is when i went to the Nolan Ryan exhibit and found out that we passed him up in the 1969 draft and then we signed him later in his career then we cut him because our owner thought he was over the hump. and then he went to the Texas Rangers and then he broke like four records and sold so many tickets for the rangers. He went in to the Hall of Fame as a Ranger after he left the Astros! The best thing that they have done recently is sign Carlos Lee and trade for Michael Bourn. but even though the Astros are very stupid, i still love them. Please comment on my article, i would love to hear what you say about the Astros.
Me:…. Thanks Joey, I hope you feel better
Joey: I hope so to johnny
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                                         by Johnny and Joey 

What I Miss?

Hey everyone I am BACK from Colorado! I had a great time. Saw the mountains, broncos training camp, and a lot more mountains.

Very pretty area up there. So back to baseball, I missed the trade deadline, so what happened 

Matt Holliday – Like the Cards needed another bat, now there line up is a nightmare for opposing pitchers. Ludwick, Pujols, Holliday, Derosa, Molina, and Rasmus. The 
Cubs, Cardinals race in the Central is going to be very fun to watch. Great move, plus it seems that Matt is starting to play like he did with the Rockies.
Matt Holliday 2.jpg
Cliff Lee – No its not Roy Halladay, but hey a former Cy Young winner is not bad. Phillies need pitching and they got it, but I think they could of used some bullpen help like a George Sherrill, but the dodgers snatched him up still a very good move.

Cliff Lee 2.jpg

What else was their, Freddy Sanchez to the Giants, V mart to the Sox, Rolen is a red, and Washburn is now a Tiger. Roy Halladay didn’t move but that cool. Blue Jays need him.

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays. Sweeping the Red Sox, and keeping us in first place. In hollywood fashion to with Longoria’s home run.
Nice Job. Lets all Hope that that trend will continue with……


The king of the Baseball rivalries starts tonight. Its going to be a great game.
We are sending Joba to the mound tonight to bring us home a win. Jeter, Cano, Texiraia Know what to do. GO YANKEES

Thanks for reading everyone I’m excited to start writing again

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Phil Hughes and Mark Texiera help the Yanks win 5 – 3 over Detroit. Texiera Got the Yankees the lead when in the 7th he hit his twenty second home run of the year. Phil Hughes did an outstanding job of pitching the 7th and 8th inning. He got 6 strikeouts!!! 6 K’s in 2 innings. Thats really good. With the Monsters, the muffled and Mute thing I just don’t think I can finish it. I’m sorry to all of you who where eagerly anticipating it. 🙂
Anyway I would like to shine some spotlight on Mr. Albert Pujols.
The Cards this year have gotten a lot from albert this year.  34 home runs, 89 RBI’s and a busted Big Mac sign. He has had an UNBELIEVABLE year. He could very well win the triple crown and a ticket to Cooperstown. I just can’t say enough about this guy I mean WOW.

Albert Pojuls.jpgRandom other thing that you don’t need to know, but will most likely read…

Congratulations to the 17 year old kid who sailed around the world. I would think it would be pretty lonely out there, but he got on the cover of ESPN so it’s all good 


And for all those Milwaukee Bucks fans out their ( I pretty sure I’m not the only one out side of Milwaukee) Brandon Jennings and Jodie Meeks will bring us a Championship back to Brew City!! Celtics and Laker fans look out!! You all know what is coming 😉

michael redd.jpg

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Have a great weekend everyone

go brewers ( your welcome uncle tim)