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Questions for you (again)

So that feeling is back, Summer is half way over and baseball is in full swing. With the mid summer classic looming around the corner, and I really don’t know where to go from here cause I’ve been brain dead for a while so you know what that means… Questions For You!! Ya I’m putting the pressure on you. Here we go!!


1. Front runners for rookie of the year ?

2. Biggest story of the year?
A Rod 2.jpg

“No, we don’t cheat. And even if we did, I’d never tell you.”Tommy Lasorda


 3. Best Rivalry 

Cardinals vs Brewers.jpg

“Baseball is a fun game. It sure beats working for a living” – Phil Linz

Thanks for putting up with this ūüôā


CC Why Leave?

CC Sabathia .jpg
CC Why leave the M town? I mean you dominated the league. The town wants nothing more than to keep you their. Why Leave???? Money. Thats always the answer. Milwaukee is a low money team with low money players. If CC stayed then he would have to do it for a little less money, But of course the Red Sox, or even my Beloved Yankees will most likely start throwing money in his face like candy. I like the Brewers, and I hope he stays. This is a very common baseball scenario. Love or the Money. Who knows maybe he will be a Hall of famer with the Yanks or the Sox. I just wish he would stay with the Brew Crew. Will know in about twelve days