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Sorry and Sorry Brewers

Sorry I couldn’t do Next #3, I had
a LOT of homework. Anyway I’m sad and happy. Happy cause the
Yankees got CC sad because he didn’t stay with the Brewers.
If you saw my old entries I wrote a lot about him. Also Next
I will write about the moves that need to be

CC Why Leave?

CC Sabathia .jpg
CC Why leave the M town? I mean you dominated the league. The town wants nothing more than to keep you their. Why Leave???? Money. Thats always the answer. Milwaukee is a low money team with low money players. If CC stayed then he would have to do it for a little less money, But of course the Red Sox, or even my Beloved Yankees will most likely start throwing money in his face like candy. I like the Brewers, and I hope he stays. This is a very common baseball scenario. Love or the Money. Who knows maybe he will be a Hall of famer with the Yanks or the Sox. I just wish he would stay with the Brew Crew. Will know in about twelve days