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MVP Controversy

I listen to ESPN radio every night when i go to bed and I heard something that made me think.

It kinda went like this, Why do people get so excited when a player on there team wins MVP, it just means having to pay them more?
That really made me think. I’m guessing he is looking at the situation from a business point of view. Personally I would love it if a player from the Yankees, Cubs, Angels, or Rockies won. It would be nice if a player from the Royals would win too, but I’m trying to keep it realistic. Anyway though baseball is a business I think that fans should look at form a baseball point of view if you know what I mean. Like Dustin Pedroia, I’m sure Boston Red Sox fans are buzzing about Dustin winning AL MVP. I’m sure I would be happy. But thats just what I think.
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Johnny K