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10 Things I want To Do Before I Die (baseball)

this is my list if thing I want to do before I Die.

1. Go see a game at Fenway, My favorite park of all time.
fenway park.jpg

2. Meet Derek Jeter that would be awesome.
3. See the Cubs win the World Series come on Cubbies
Cubs Forever.jpg
4. Not feel bad that I kinda like the Red Sox
5. Play baseball in college
6. Get Jon Lester’s Autograph (I know I’m losing it)
Jon Lester.jpg
7. Throw a no hitter (Hey it’s Little League it could happen)
8. Kick dirt like Lou Pinella 

Kick That Dirt.jpg

9. Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame.
10. Live long enough to do all this.
One more hit.jpg
Thanks again for reading 
Johnny K

Would You Do It?

I was once asked, would you take a year off your life to have your team win the world series?

At first one would probably think no way, but after a while you think that could be one of the best moments of your life. So the real question is would you make your life better or extend it.  

World Series.jpg