Spring Training Is Here

Winter is partially over in nebraska. We can finally walk outside without fear of losing a finger. Course when i step outside on a brisk but not freezing saturday in early march i just have one thing on my mind. Baseball. Thank God for the MLB Network or might of forgotten about baseball completely. No that was a lie, i would never do that but still. I have been dormant from blogging this winter cause i have been really busy with baseball and school, but now that i injured my rotater cuff i can come back to blogging, which i guess is good and bad. Im glad to back, but it sucks to be out of baseball and have an aching arm. As you all probably know i am a huge new york yankee fan. I guess thats why i got bored of blogging cause i knew they were gonna win. So i have decided to right about a new team who is a little less predictable. The Kansas City Royals. Just to make it clear i am still very much a yankee fan and will always be one. Just thought i would mix it up a bit. I can’t wait to be writing again.


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