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AL East Preview part 2

3. Yankees – Yes I put my beloved Yankees at third. I just don’t see them beating the Rays or the Sox in the playoffs or in must win games. Personally I would like to see the Rays beat the Yankees to maybe show the front offices that we need to start growing our young guys instead of buying the best players available.

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4. BlueJays – I think the Jays are to talented to be 4th in a division, but sadly they are in the AL East. If they where in the NL West The Jays would be in the playoffs every year. ( No offense Padres, Rockies, D Backs, Giants, and Dodger fans) If they where in any other division they would have a fighting chance. Sorry Jays.
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5. Orioles – The O’s I put in 5th, even though they have some of the best young talent. Watch for them in 2011 or something like that. Right now they are not contenders, Keep on trying though.
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AL EAST Preview

The American League East is always entertaining, This year even more with the addition of the Rays being a force. Here are my predictions.

1. Red Sox – Sadly I have to say the Red Sox are by far the Best team in the AL East, the pitching rotation overmatches everyone else. Look for Jacoby Ellsbury to have a Tim Lincecum type brake out season. I see him having over 40 steals and about a .290 average.
2. Rays – Ah the Rays, the team that changed the whole American League east picture. They will have a little more pressure that they haven’t had before. Thats why I think the Rays will fall down too number 2. I really like the Rays chances in the next 10+ years because they rebuilt so well. They summed up baseball in 2008 https://mlblogs13mlb.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/jacoby20elsberry202.jpgarchives/2008/11/this_is_what_baseball_is.html
The next three will come really quick