The Monsters, The Muffled, and The Mute! 1 OF 3

So its mid season now and with the all star game festivities over I’m going to rate some teams on how they did in the first half.

Monster – 
Los Angeles Dodgers – with great position players ( I can name a couple off the top of my head Martin, Loney, O-dog, Furcal, that guy from Cleveland, Ethier, Kemp, and Manny) sorry if I misspelled anyones name. Anyway Joe Torre has done a great job with this team. Young Clayton Kershaw is doing terrific. They have a reliable closer in Jonathan Broxton. You can expect everyone in their line up to get a hit. This = Best record in baseball. My prediction 
Best – World series, Worst – NLDS
Martin and Ethier.jpg
Boston Red Sox – Lets start with pitching. They have Beckett, Wakefeild, Lester, Smoltz, Penny, and the occasional Dice K. They have one of the most reliable bullpens, and of course Jonathan Paplebon. (sorry if I misspelled that) So ya they have the best pitching staff. Hitting has never been to much of a problem for the Red sox. We will see how this whole shortstop situation will work out, otherwise they should take advantage of the trade deadline. My prediction, Best – World Series, Worst – ALCS
DAvid Ortiz.jpg
Their are not any other stand out teams, The Phillies are going to win their division only because, they have no challenger. The Mets are falling apart (again), the Marlins need another year before they are contenders. The Braves you never now. The Nationals……..
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Yankees Don’t Despair CC Sabathia Is In The Air

I went to a baseball camp this spring, It was at a local high school (GO SKY HAWKS). The varsity coach told us that if you score 8 runs in 9 innings you can’t lose. Unless, he added. The pitcher had a rough day. Andy Pettite had a little more then a rough day.

Andy Pettite.jpg
As Andy said ” if you don’t pitch well, your not going to win”. Of course like many Yankees fans I’m not happy with a 14 – 8 loss, but with CC coming tomorrow we are going to get a win I know it.

In other news My family has decided for our vacation to go to Colorado, home of the BRONCOS, I’m a diehard live and die fan of the boys in blue. They might of made some dumb moves, but hey where going to win the super bowl next year any way  🙂

Brandon Marshall 3.jpg

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San Fran’s Sanchez Fans Padres

A starter who was demoted to the bullpen then got the start only after 300 wins pitcher Randy Johnson went to the DL. He came to impress, 11 strikeouts, and no walks. The Padres, the team the Giants where playing had no answer to the stuff that the 26 year old southpaw.  He nearly had a perfect game, but Juan Uribe made an error in the eighth. This was the first no hit pitcher for the giants since John Montefusco in 1976. Thats a streak of 32 seasons without a no hitter. The Giants won (of course) 8 – 0. 

Sanchez no hitter.jpg
In other news
The Mets landed Jeff Francoeur is a trade with the Braves. 

Jeff Francouer.jpg
Congratulations to Julia of Julia’s rants, She wrote the 200 comment on MLB in the eyes of a 13 year old. Thanks Julia

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Questions for you (again)

So that feeling is back, Summer is half way over and baseball is in full swing. With the mid summer classic looming around the corner, and I really don’t know where to go from here cause I’ve been brain dead for a while so you know what that means… Questions For You!! Ya I’m putting the pressure on you. Here we go!!


1. Front runners for rookie of the year ?

2. Biggest story of the year?
A Rod 2.jpg

“No, we don’t cheat. And even if we did, I’d never tell you.”Tommy Lasorda


 3. Best Rivalry 

Cardinals vs Brewers.jpg

“Baseball is a fun game. It sure beats working for a living” – Phil Linz

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A Win On A Halladay

Hey everybody, Hope you all had a fun forth of July. I did, besides a near death experience with a Black Cat and a lighter, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I think those thing need longer fuses. Anyway the Yankees had a fun day too.  Well Most of the Yankees did, Chien -Ming Wang gave up a home run in the sixth and then had to leave because he got hurt. Johnny Damon tied the game in the seventh inning with a 2 run blast off Roy Halladay. YAHOOOOOOO!!! Then came the bottom of the 12 where Jorge Posada got the game winning hit!

Jorge Posada 2.jpg

I’m not happy that we lost Chien – Ming, but I am not surprised ether. He’s been fragile throughout his career. I think its time for the Yankees to think TRADE DELINE: Its coming soon and I think we should get one more quality starter. We have Sabathia, Burnett, Peddite, Wang (injured), and sometimes Chamberlin. Now with Wang injured we need to get someone reliable, consistent, and who’s era is not over 20. Kinda like Curt Schilling…
curt schilling.jpg
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Vote TEX!

Hello everyone

I have noticed I’ve been a little inconsistent lately, ok really inconstant. So I’m gonna do what I did in the very beginning of MITEOA13YO (MLB in the eyes of a 13 year old). I’m going back to the Yankees, back to my consistent post, and back to talking about baseball, yes real baseball not my baseball team. Although we won our last game yesterday 7-5. So with out further delay.
as you all know the all star game is coming up. one of the most exciting races is boston red sox
first basemen kevin youkilis and new york yankee first baseman mark teixeira. VOTE TEX everyone so we can have our new home run hitting, 25 wearing slugger in the all star game!!!!!


The Yankees have made it 6 strait win with a 8 – 5 win over seattle.
Melkey Cabrara has been a pleasant surprise doing much better then his performance last year
I bet the yankees can catch up to the sox before the all star brake.

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Mark texeria.jpg