What I Miss?

Hey everyone I am BACK from Colorado! I had a great time. Saw the mountains, broncos training camp, and a lot more mountains.

Very pretty area up there. So back to baseball, I missed the trade deadline, so what happened 

Matt Holliday – Like the Cards needed another bat, now there line up is a nightmare for opposing pitchers. Ludwick, Pujols, Holliday, Derosa, Molina, and Rasmus. The 
Cubs, Cardinals race in the Central is going to be very fun to watch. Great move, plus it seems that Matt is starting to play like he did with the Rockies.
Matt Holliday 2.jpg
Cliff Lee – No its not Roy Halladay, but hey a former Cy Young winner is not bad. Phillies need pitching and they got it, but I think they could of used some bullpen help like a George Sherrill, but the dodgers snatched him up still a very good move.

Cliff Lee 2.jpg

What else was their, Freddy Sanchez to the Giants, V mart to the Sox, Rolen is a red, and Washburn is now a Tiger. Roy Halladay didn’t move but that cool. Blue Jays need him.

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays. Sweeping the Red Sox, and keeping us in first place. In hollywood fashion to with Longoria’s home run.
Nice Job. Lets all Hope that that trend will continue with……


The king of the Baseball rivalries starts tonight. Its going to be a great game.
We are sending Joba to the mound tonight to bring us home a win. Jeter, Cano, Texiraia Know what to do. GO YANKEES

Thanks for reading everyone I’m excited to start writing again

Thanks for reading



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