AL EAST Preview

The American League East is always entertaining, This year even more with the addition of the Rays being a force. Here are my predictions.

1. Red Sox – Sadly I have to say the Red Sox are by far the Best team in the AL East, the pitching rotation overmatches everyone else. Look for Jacoby Ellsbury to have a Tim Lincecum type brake out season. I see him having over 40 steals and about a .290 average.
2. Rays – Ah the Rays, the team that changed the whole American League east picture. They will have a little more pressure that they haven’t had before. Thats why I think the Rays will fall down too number 2. I really like the Rays chances in the next 10+ years because they rebuilt so well. They summed up baseball in 2008
The next three will come really quick



    Jonny…I love reading your blog! (even though I don’t really like baseball…) Keep up the good work!!!

    Love, your favorite Aunt


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